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Currently selling dolls - please, please, please help me spread the word!!
FOR SALE - Doll Leaves Emily Head by SushiIcecream
FOR SALE - Doll Leaves Emily Head
Offering free shipping within the UK if I get a sale before Thursday.

I'ma  little bit desperate and having to strip my collection.

If you have DOA the link to this sales thread can be found here -->…

Doll Leaves Emily Head in White Skin with default, company faceup.

I brought her from Angelesque, the UK dealer of Doll Leaves in May.

She has sat untouched in her box ever since. 

Asking $100
FOR SALE - Doll Leaves Puppet 02 by SushiIcecream
FOR SALE - Doll Leaves Puppet 02
I'm offering free shipping within the UK if I get a sale by Thursday

I'm a little desperate and so having to strip my collection.

If you're a member of DOA you can find her sales thread here -->…

If not - she is a Doll Leaves Puppet 02 Fullset

This doll was limited to 50 sets worldwide and has been repainted by Heather of Star Sniper

No yellowing, chips or breakages - her default, company blushing has worn away around the joints due to posing. This can be removed. (I can do this for you before shipping her, but will not restring her)

$300 for the fullset
$50 Fullset outfit/wig/shoes $250 for doll

She will come with default box, pillows, authenticity papers, fullset, wig, shoes, random eyes - Goldenrod wig available for purchase for an added $30
FOR SALE - Napidoll Rogebel by SushiIcecream
FOR SALE - Napidoll Rogebel
I'm offering free shipping in the UK if I get a sale by Thursday of this week.

I'm a bit desperate and having to strip my collection.

If you're on DOA then the direct link to this sale is here --->…

If not - Napidoll Rogebell head on a Leeke L-Type Girl Body (Both Normal Skin and a dead on match resin wise)

No damage, yellowing etc. of any kind.

I brought the head direct from Napidoll in 2012 the body was brought second hand on the marketplace in 2014 but was new and had been brought direct from Leekeworld by it's first owner.

I'm asking $600 for her whole
$100 for her head $500 for her body if split

(She won't be coming with the Unicorn Horn) 

He faceup is the default by Napidoll

She'll come with a random box, pillows, certificate of authenticity and a pair of eyes. 

(I can ship unstrung if preferred) 
I'm in a bit of a financial bind and although I would normally hesitate before throwing this many dolls around, anywhere other than DOA I'm in a situation now where I just need to get them as much exposure as possible.

Ideally, I need to get a sale through before Thursday...

Even if you're not interested/can't buy at this time - any support you can offer in reblogging/sharing links would be beyond appreciated!!

Quick Links
- Doll Leaves Puppet 02 Fullset $300 - $250 Doll $50 for fullset (if split)……
- Napidoll Rogebell Leekeworld Hybrid $600 - $500 Body $100 Head (if split)…

- Doll Leaves Emily Head $100 (Including shipping within the UK)…

- Pipos Pi Jnr Rooney $200
- Beige Skin Rooney, Eyes, Box, Pillows, Certificate. Has never been painted, spent most of his time in the box. 
[I'm in the throws of taking photo's to list him]

I also potentially have a pair of Bambicrony magnetic butterfly wings (black) and a WS Christina torso by Doll Chateau for the Youth body available... 

Thank you for taking your time to read this post and any help you can give. I can't say it enough!

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